A gray and black tom with blue eyes and a burn mark across the left side of his face. He is a warrior of Mountainclan. Snowdawn is his mate. He is the younger brother to Wolfblizzard.

Additional Info

Wolfclaw was born to Flowerfur and Graynight. He was named after his older brother, Wolfblizzard, who was already a warrior. He was given Featherfall as a mentor, and he hated the way she treated other cats. He is the same age as Snowpaw (Snowdawn) and Redpaw (Redflame), but he was made a warrior early because of his bravary durring a battle with foxes. He was hit over the head by Avalanchstorm. He now blacks out from time to time from the slight brain damage. He had two kits with Snowdawn, Stormkit and Rainkit. He left MounatinClan and became a warrior in CanyonClan. He and his mate along with a few other cats traveled back to MountainClan with Rainshadow.


"Avalanchstorm was never really my type, Snowdawn."

-Wolfclaw to Snowpaw (Snowdawn)

"Snowdawn, will you be my mate?"

-Wolfclaw to Snowdawn at the waterfall.


  • This page was created before Snowpaw and Redpaw were warriors in the roleplay.
  • Wolfblizzard is twelve moons older than Wolfclaw.
  • He has a slight southern accant.
  • He is a main character in Voices.
  • He is a main character in Blood.



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