Whiteheart was found on the edge of a cliff. She was taken in by Mountainclan. Whiteheart has a total crush on Wolfblizzard. She thinks Avalanchstorm stole Wolfblizzard from her. Avalanchstorm is the only thing she has for a friend. Rp by: Riverface


Newly named Whiteheart swelled with pride. Her mentor Nettlesting had been good to her. Whiteheart went to sit beside Avalanchstorm. Avalanchstorm had been named warrior three moons ago. "Welcome, Whiteheart." Wolfblizzard meowed. Whiteheart almost toppled over. "Thanks" She murmured. Then Featherfall came over. "Oh starclan, more room gone in the warrior's den!" She muttered. Whiteheart let out a faint hiss.