Ok lemme start out with the Shading / Highlighting! You have to go to to do this!

Ok for the highlighing you use the Dodge tool! It looks like a block ball on a black stick!

Ok you color it in and stuff and here is what it looks like when your done coloring it!

Shading and Coloring,the EASY way.

here i will show you how to color the picture faster,shade and highlight correctly

PLEASE NOTE:when you shade or highlight it will not show up on white fur.

Right now i will do a Leader but you can do any others if you want.

ok so you start out with a bank.


this is the leader i will be coloring.

the easy way to color it in is on pixlr. the link is at the top.then you get the wand the inside of your blank and go to edit,Inver selection.if it colors the lines.pess invert selection again.just go crazy it dosnt need to be neat,i just take the main colour im going to use and scribble.when your done scribbling you take your eraser and not very neatly erase the outside of the lines.remember you are on invert selection still so you shouldnt be coloring over the lines,just under,then this is the part where you get neat,you take a smaller brush and fill in what you erased on the insides of the eyes.then you take the colour of the eyes,and a darker color,the smudge them together in the eyes,if you get some out side the eye lines,just go back and correct you have a plain color with no shading,no highlighting,and no uniqness.i suggest you you white for this you take a large or small brush and start dabbing the brush where ever you want the spot to go.if you get it outside the lines,it dosnt matter,because thats what you already have on the outside.then if you want different colored spots just fill it in with the paint bucket.


this is fireflower one i already coloured

and now youve FINALLY finished the coloring.

now for the shading you take it and use it on NOTE: she shading tool is the burn tool it is beside a ball with a black stick in it.

  • back
  • back of tail
  • ear(right)
  • Behind the paws
  • behind thigh
  • back of neck
  • right cheek

and youve finished shading.


NOTE:the highlighting tool is a black ball with a stick in it,it is beside the Burn tool

you put it a few times on the

  • left ear
  • tail tip
  • front thigh
  • all 4 paws
  • belly
  • front of back thigh
  • eyes
  • muzzle(nose)

and your pretty much done!

O_o Sundawn o_O