Snowdawn is a white she-cat with gray paws and bright, green eyes.

Additional Info

Snowdawn was born to Fernshade (Mother) and Falconswoop (Father). She has a brother named Redflame. She was best freinds with Wolfclaw when they were kits. When she was an apprentice, her mentor was Avalanchstorm. They often had fights about Avalanchstorm likeing Wolfblizzard, who is Wolfclaw's brother. Wolfclaw was made a warrior before Snowdawn and Redflame because he showed an extream amount of courage durring a battle with foxes. She is Wolfclaw's mate and had two kits with him, Stormkit and Mistkit. She left MountainClan and became a warrior in CanyonClan.


  • She is a main character in Voices.