Please Read!


1. Have fun!

2. Be nice to other users. (No cyber-bulling)

3. Don't vandalize pages. (Be respectful)

4. You may say the curse words: damn, pissed, and hell.  All other curse words must be "(beep!)ed" out.

5. Do not steal another user's position in a roleplay clan.

6. Apprentices and users not apart of Project Charart may NOT make chararts for themselves or other users without permission.

7. You must add the correct categories to your pages!

8. DO NOT STEAL ART!!!! Many pictures on this wiki were drawn on paper by the users themselves. Do NOT claim it as your own anywhere. ('Cause it ain't, and most of us got proof of that.)

11. You must first ask Icewish to advertise your wiki.

12. You may not say anything sexual on this wiki. It does not matter where it is on the wiki, you may not say anything like that. In fanfics and character pages for the sake of back-story, such things by force are permitted, but you can't use it all the time and you must put the subject very lightly (very lightly) because it is wrong and should only be used to make your audience know that there is something seriously wrong with that character. You may not write about your characters having sex in detail in any way.

13. You can't demote another person's cat without their permission even if your cat is the leader of the clan.

14. Blog posts that contain fanfics will be deleted. Fanfics need to be pages and not blog posts.

Clan Abbreviations/List:

TC = ThunderClan

RC = RiverClan

ShC = ShadowClan

WC = WindClan

SkC = SkyClan

LC = LavaClan

SC = SnowClan

LeC = LeafClan

MC = MountainClan

OC = OceanClan

DC = DesertClan

FC = FireClan

MiC = MistClan

MoC = MoonClan

R = Rogues

TPOSS = The Place of Starry Skies

TPOED = The Place of Eternal Darkness

KP = Kittypet

UP = Umbras Pack

BP = Betulis Pack

AP = Aqua Pack

SP = Stella Pack

NP = Nox Pack

SFT = Silent Forest Tribe

SR = Sky Rulers

TDDT = The Dark Dragon Tribe

TGOTS = The Guardians of the Sea

PC = PokeClan

AS = Army of the Sea

AF = Army of the Forest

AD = Army of the Desert

MT = Mares of Thrace

AL = Army of the Light

ASH = Army of the Shadows