Purplerain is a cute, black she-cat, with patchy fur with bright, yellow-green eyes.

Her Story...

Purple was born as a kittypet in a twoleg nest. The her owner could no longer take care of her any longer. So her and her siblings were taken to the El Paso Humane Society. She was the smallest in her littler and also the only black one. She was looked over by many of the people who were looking to adopt a kitten at the shelter. One day, when the EPHS had a summer camp that lasted for one week, a girl fell in love with that cat. Purple was a great cat, she loved to play and be pettedand I should know because I was that girl. Once the camp was over the girl had to go on vacation with her family so she could not adopt the pet. While the girl was gone the Humane Society had a telethon and showed a picture of her and her litter mates. On July 4, 2011, Purple was adopted to a great family that loved her very much. So please, if you are looking to adopt a pet, please look at your local humane society, the perfect pet might just be waiting there for you!




  • Purple's past was entirly made up by me. I have no idea how she ended up at the shelter but this was the most likely was she could have.
  • Her other sisters were named Pink and Red. Her brother's names were Blue and Orange.
  • The camp the most Humane Societs have is called Kid's N Critters Summer Camp If you are interested.