Prickleflower lived her life in Acornfur's shadow. She was more a kittypet than a Warrior. When Prickleflower was born, Acornfur was all ready an apprentice. What Acornfur saw in Prickleflower is unknown to me and what Prickleflower saw in Acornfur makes me want to vomit. Prickleflower loved Acornfur's boasting and aroggance. Prickleflower was scared of everything, well maybe not prey but she would be scared of a huge rabbit if you showed it to her. Prickleflower moved to the nursery right after becoming a Warrior. She was afraid to fight so her excuse was being a Queen. Acornfur died in his first real battle, he was blood-thirsty and evil at the heart. Prickleflower was not pleased but she didn't care. She had her excuse so what else did she need. At one point in time she had even worshipped Tigerblood, but she got over that.

Chapter one: Dead?

"Sorry, Acornfur is dead!" Brightstorm mewed as he entered camp. They don't care for his death! Do I? Brightstorm gave me a look of pity. "That was his first battle," He murmured. I tossed my head. I was in the nursery so I could care less. There was nothing in this world for me!

"I guess my kits won't have a father!" I mewed and padded into the den. Brightstorm looked at me expectantly, "Will you not grief?"

"Well, we were never that close," I meowed slowly. I didn't want to waste my time over his dead body! He left me with kits and no father. Brightstorm gave me a disgusted look.

"I always was fond of you. I wanted you as my mate and I wasn't sad when Acornfur loved you! Now you treat him like this?!" He exclaimed.

I gave a little mew of surprisment. Brightstrom was fond of me? I thought I was never loved by anyone. Even Acornfur would only grief for a moment before moving on. I was lucky that he even looked twice a me!

"I-I er..." I tried to mew that I wasn't like this but I just stopped and turned away. Someone had always loved me and now I am still alone. I curled up in my nest and thought about what Brightstorm had told me. I almost had meaning in my life, to live a happy life with Brightstorm, to look after kits and whatch them grow into fine warriors, to hunt for my clan and fight agianst Brightstorm's side, to whatch my kits have kits of their own and become a wise elder. All that has slipped away from me in moments...

Now I am utterly alone.

Not much, but more coming!