This is a story i have been writing for Fanfiction. People like it alot so ill put it here! ......

Jayfeather got up from his nest and went to his computer

He logged onto Facebook and typed in his e-mail and his password

And he had 2 messages on his wall


Toms, What would you say if I told you I was having your kits?


Brambleclaw: you already did and then lied about it…


Firestar:umm your my daughter

Greystripe: Firestars gonna KILL me


Jayfeather typed in

How could I ? Ive been COMPLETELY ignoring you ever since Hollyleaf revealed the secret…

He looked at his status he got one Friend request Holly leaf! He said in alarm! He quickly accepted

He looked at his other Status update

Spottedleaf Gosh I wish thunderclan would stop having so many problems! So I don't have to fix the all of them!

Lionblaze: Gosh Noone asks you to stick your nose in everything

Jayfeather giggled at his brothers status ,he clicked like then logged off.