Icewing is a bluish-white she-cat with bright, blue eyes. She has a tattered ear and a long scar down her shoulder. She is not a very pretty sight, but her mate, Runningwolf, loves her for the she-cat she is. She the deputy of ThunderClan.

Additional Info

Icewing was born to Streamflower and Brakenstripe. Her mother passed away after kitting. Her brother would not start to breath, and died soon after he was born. She was given her father as a mentor, he trained her well. She became a warrior after a battle with ShadowClan. The deputy of Thunderclan at the time, Vinescar, moved to the elders den a few moons after Icewing became a warrior. Firestar appionted her as deputy. She fell in love with Runningwolf and had three kits with him: Windkit, Sunkit, and Silverkit.

Her kits are now warriors named Windeagle, Sunfeather, and Silverflame.

She died shortly after her clan moved to LeafClan due to severe greencough.