Icewave is a silver tabby she-cat with white paws, chest, and tail tip.

Additional Info

Icewave was born to Minnowleap and Silverhawk of Oceanclan. Her best friend was Watersplash. Her mentor was Echostream, and she train her to fight very well. She also taught Icewave to stand up for what you beleive in. She was surprised to become deputy when Shellstar became leader. Shellsatr was her mother's sister, but she never liked Icewave very much. Icewave was always kind to rogues, and Shellstar hated them. Shade, a young skinny rogue asked Icewave to join Oceanclan while Shellstar wa away. Icewave fed the tom. When Shellstar came back, she was so upset with Icewave that she slashed her face and banished her. She took Shade with her to Leafclan, for Shellstar would surly kill him if he spent any longer in Oceanclan. Icestar welcomed them both and gave them food and a warm nest to sleep in. A Leafclan warrior, Mapleleaf, had a great hatred for rogues, half-clans, and cats who moved to a different clan. Icewave hates Oceanclan for the wrong they have done to her and worries Mapleleaf will try to trow her out of Leafclan. Icewave likes to think that Mapleleaf is a good cat, but so far her actions are starting to make Icewave have doubts. After a few moons living in Leafclan, Icestar declaires them true warriors of Leafclan. She even gives Shade the new name of Shadehawk. She kitted Shadehawk's kits who are named Fernkit, Tornki, and Flowerkit.