Icewish is a white she-cat with blue streaks of fur and bright, blue eyes. She is the leader of Leafclan with the name of Icestar.

Icewish's Story

Icewish was born to Cloudstrike and Firestar of Leafclan. She had one brother named Whitepaw, but he died in a battle with Oceanclan. Her father was the leader of Leafclan, untill his tragic death as he fell into Stone Pool. Cornered by a badger at the edge of the cliff leading into its icy water. The deputy, Rainclaw was left to lead the clan (Thunderfur died when he was hit by a monster). Her mother was shocked at the death of her mate and refused to eat. She died a few days later after Icepaw's apprentice ceremony. Her mentor was Dawnpetal, the deputy for Rainstar. She was kind and fair to the young apprentice. She trained hard with her new mentor. She soon became a warrior of Leafclan with the name, Icewish. Dawnpetal moved into the elders den due to loss of sight a few moons later. Rainstar apionted Icewish as his deputy. Rainstar had all nine of his lives riped away from him at once by a rouge. Icewish killed that rouge and became leader of Leafclan. She has no mate yet.