Riverclan (Stormclan):

Leader: Steamstar, a pale gray tom with green eyes

Deputy:Pumpkinfeather, a ginger she-cat

Medicine cat: Seedflight, a dark brown tom

medicine cat apprentice: Swampsong, a dark gray she-cat

Warriors: Wolfstrike, a black tom

Cougarear, a loyal, brown tabby tom

greenhill, a white she-cat, apprentice: Shatterpaw

Vinecreek, a black and white she-cat

darkwhisper, a black tabby tom

Darkwater, a dark brown she-cat with a white tipped tail

Vipervenom, a dark gray tabby she-cat with long teeth Willowcreek: a light brown tom

Badgerflame: a white she-cat with a black stripe down her back

Windlash, pale gray tom

Violetdash: a dark gray tom

Rockfoot: a tanish brown tom with brown feet, apprentice: Pinepaw

Weathertail: a brown tabby she-cat, apprentice: Lightpaw

tumbbone: a muddy brown tom

Shiningwave: a light brown she-cat

Oxhorn: a huge, tortishell tom

Hawklash: a dark silver tabby tom, the best fighter.


Shatterpaw: a light gray tabby tom

Pinepaw: (pricklestar knows)

Lightpaw: (pricklestar knows)


Falconfeather: a dark gray she-cat, mother of Humblelion's kits:

Hurricanekit: a dark gray she-cat, she has a blue look to her

Scarletkit: a dark ginger tabby she-cat

Dashkit: a white tom

Pinewither: a brown and black tortie, expecting Darkwhisper's kits

Lavenderhoney: a violetish she-cat, mother of Oxhorn's kit:

Cornkit: a golden tom


Morningblaze: an old calico tom

Nightstone: a dark black tom

Shellsand: a sandy gray she-cat.


Leader: Risingstar: a young, black and gray she-cat.

Deputy: Jadetail: a gray-green tom. He use to be Falconfeather's mate. apprentice: Gushpaw

Medicine cat: Buckhorn: a tan tom


Tigershade: a dark gray-brown tabby tom

Glowfeather: a bright white she-cat with green eyes

Batgust: a black and white tom

Cheetafeather: dappled ginger she-cat apprentice: Needlepaw

Timbermoss: a brown tom apprentice: Scarpaw

Windlash: a light gray tom

Guststorm: a dark gray she-cat apprentice: Zippaw

Skycloud: a white and gray she-cat apprentice: Sunpaw

Lightningblaze: yellow tom with green eyes

Featherfern: gray shecat with chiped ear and green eyes apprentice: vinepaw

Briarthorn: a dakr brown tom


Sunpaw: a golden tom

Vinepaw: a dark gray she-cat

Scarpaw: a light brown tom with lots of scars

Zippaw: a white and black tom

Needlepaw: a black she-cat


Chalkfur: a white she-cat, expecting Lightningblaze's kits

Shockpetal: a light ginger she-cat, mother of Windlash's kits:

Petalkit: a yellow she-kit

Morekit: a dark gray tom

Skykit: a white and gray she-cat

Breezeleaf: a tawny she-cat, mother of Batgust's kits:

Thornkit: a dark ginger tom

Strikekit: a gray tom

Neetlekit: a silver tabby she-cat

Eelshock: a ginger she-cat, formerly a Thunderclan cat, mother of Tigershade's kits:

Mallowkit: a dark ginger she-cat

Thunderkit: a dark brown tom


Thistlebloom: a tortie she-cat

Whistlewind: a ginger she white she-cat, blind

Liontalon: a dark brown tom, he is losing his sight, is deaf, and is the oldest Windclan cat


Leader: Sparrowstar: a brown tabby tom

Deputy: nightshadow: a black she-cat, apprentice: Calicopaw

Medicine cat: Hawkshadow: a black tom with feather like fur.

Medicine cat apprentice: Lunamoon: a calico she-cat


(everyone can add some)

Geysersteam: a white and gray she-cat

Ringingsky: a muddy-brown tom

Rustilingleaf: a tortie tom apprentice: Kesteralpaw

Runningblood: a redish ginger tom, was formly a rouge, and is very evil

Quailswoop: a tawny she-cat apprentice: Jellopaw

Deertail: a dark gray tabby tom

Pinebranch: a silver tabby tom

Doveleaf: a pale gray tabby she-cat

Nightshiver: a scary, black tom

Poppyseed: a scrawny, muddy brown she-cat

Dragonscream: a silver tabby she-cat

Ghostclaw: a dark gray, almosst black, tom with a white paw, apprentice: Screechpaw

Falconbone: a blood thirsty, white and brown tom, apprentice: Quiverpaw

Mousefeather: light gray tom

Sunset: a orange tabby tom, formally a loner

Sunrise: a dark ginger she-cat, formally loner. She travled with her (future mate) friend, Sunset

Puddlesplash: a sweet, white she-cat with silver tabby spots, mate of Deertail


Calicopaw: a calico tom

Kesteralpaw: brown tabby tom

Jellopaw: chuby, black she-cat

Screechpaw: a whtie and black tom

Quiverpaw: a scrawny, nervous, sick, gray tom


Yellowsnow (hehe!): a white and yellow she-cat, mother of Ghostclaw's kits:

Clawkit: a tan tom

Featherkit: a pale gray she-cat, already blood thirsty


None, all killed by Sparrowstar and his cats.


Leader: Chasestar: black and white tom with dark green eyes.

Deputy: Harefleet: brown tabby she-cat.

Medicine cat: Gorsepond: light gray she-cat with pale blue eyes.

Medicine cat Apprentce: Squirreltalon - reddish brown tom, who hates Gorsepond.


Skyclaw: powerful, gray and white tom

Boardash: light brown tabby tom

Hedgespring: cruel, black she-cat with yellow eyes

(will finish)