Echopaw is a small ginger tabby she-cat with bright green eyes, black ears, black paws, a scarred white muzzle, very long whiskers, and a white-tipped tail.


Echopaw and her brother, Thunderpaw, were recently made apprentices. She receives Drizzlefeather, the MistClan deputy, as her mentor, wihle Thunderpaw's is Flakestream.

Ashpaw, another MistClan apprentice, is very fond of Echopaw, and the ginger tabby seems to like him a lot. But Mountainpaw, their denmate, soon snatches Echopaw away from Ashpaw.

Not long after her apprentice ceremony, Echopaw's mother, Glassyheart, dies. She had been swept away in the flood while her daughter was being rescued by Ashpaw.

During a Gathering, there is an avalanche of an unknown cause. Echopaw begins to feel defeated, but her mother's spirit guides her to Thunderpaw and Morningpaw. The beautiful black she-cat fades away after helping the three cats find the trail back to camp. The experience proves Echopaw as a loyal, courageous cat that will do anything to help her Clan.