Dawnstrike - pretty, small brown and cream she-cat with white paws and blue eyes

About Dawnstrike

Dawnstrike is a Thunderclan she-cat who have been warrior for a quarter moon. She is a young and elegant she-cat who fights fair. She is very sympathetic, kind and gentle even though she was taught to fight by Ripplestar. She didn't like to hurt helpless cats like Riverpaw so she fights with her claws sheathed. She has a crush on senior warrior, Hawkstripe who likes her back. Even though she's one of the youngest warriors in the clan, she still takes part in clan meetings. She and her brother, Volepelt look almost alike.


Her mother was unknown and her father is Molefang (brown and cream tom). Her only brother is Volepelt (young, brown and cream tom). She is dating Hawkstripe (light brown tabby tom with darker stripes).

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Dawnstrike's Appearances

She first appears in Thrushflight's Past as an apprentice known as Dawnpaw.

She is the main character of Dark Shadows and is a warrior known as Dawnstrike.


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