Darktail is a black tom with yellow stripes and amber eyes.

Darktail's Story

Darkkit was born too Nightwing (Mother) and Redclaw (Father). He became best friends with Firekit and Thunderkit when they were den mates in the nursury. He had a sister named Mistkit. His father would ignore him and his sister. When he was six moons old his mentor was Milktail. He trained hard with his mentor. He would almost never get into trouble unlike his friend Foxpaw. His sister became the medicine cat apprentice to Lillystep and he supported her all the way. Dispite being a very obidient apprentice, he would get hurt often. His sister taught him about all the herbs and what they do. He became a warrior along with his friends and earned the name Darktail. His sister, Miststream, died under the claws of their own father (Darktail did not know this ovcourse). His sister had her own appentice (Their little sister) but she was too young to take on the role of a full medicine cat. Darktail asked to take the place of his sister and mentor the young apprentice. The leader agreed and Darktail moved into the medicine den. He was very sad for a few days but was able to do his job as a medicine cat. He trained his apprentice, Leafpaw very well. Soon, she was ready to become a full medicine cat. The battle with Redclaw and Desertclan postponed the ceremony though. He served as a medicine cat as well as a warrior on the battle field. He helped Fireclaw fight agenst his father, Redclaw by biting off his father's tail. Firestar wanted to apiont Darktail as his deputy but he refused. Firestar then made Thunderfur his deputy. Darktail took his apprentice to Star Place for the ceremony. She became Leafstorm and took the role of Leafclan's medicine cat and Darktail returned to the warriors den.



  • Darktail pelt color is based off the pokemon, Umbreon.