Avalanchstar is a white and gray she-cat.

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Current Clan MountainClan
Past Clan(s) None
Mother Ivyfreeze
Father Unknown
Siblings Rumblekit, Gravlekit
Mate Wolfblizzard
Kit(s) Rainshine, Desertstorm, Rockpaw, Expecting More
Mentor(s) Unknown
Apprenitce(s) Snowdawn
Roleplayer Silverwhisker



She got her name by the color of her pelt. She was also born during an avalanch. Her mother, Ivyfreeze, died giving birth to her and her siblings. Her brother, Rumblekit, and her sister, Gravlekit, both died in the avalanch. Avalanchstorm still morns for her mother and litter-mates in her heart. She pwons lots of cats. Her apprentice is Snowpaw. she tries her hardest at being deputy. She is going out with Wolfblizzard, and is now expecting his second litter. She had many cats like her, one was Redflame.

Quotes/Famous Pwons:

"Yeah Snowpaw." Said Avalanchstorm with a giggle in her voice. "And you! You and your uncivilized apprentice just come barging in to disrupt our hunting patrol." Said the fluffy white she-cat. "And sence when were you my mom?" Said Avalanchstorm. "You repect your older warriors young she-cat!" Replyed Featherfall. "And yoouuu respect your deputy." Replyed Avalanchstorm. "Well you still disrupted our hunting patrol." Said Featherfall. "Yeah, the patrol I organized." Replyed Avalanchstorm. "Hmp, come on Redpaw, even though you are my temporary apprentice before your mentor gets better, I will teach you to be a civilized young cat." Said Faetherfall as she grabbed Snowpaw's brother by the scruff. "Help me...: Whispered Redpaw to us. She carried the young apprentice back to camp. "Wow, what a dog!" Said Cougertooth. "Heck yeah!" Replyed Nettlesting, Avalanchstorm and Snowpaw simutaiaiusly. Then they all walked back to camp together --Avalanchstorm to Feahterfall--

"What in Starcaln are YOU doing! I ordered you to go on the NEXT Border patrol!" growled Avalanchstorm. ----Avalanchstorm to Feahterfall, again!--

"No! WE have to help them!" cried Wolfblizard. "No duh!" Avalanchstorm hissed.

--Avalanchstorm to Wolfblizzard--

"I always knew you were hot headed!"

--Avalanchstorm to Wolfblizzard about when he got striked by lightning--

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